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ZWG Agency is a design agency compromised of young talented individuals looking to set in stone their place in the design world. We’re prepared to offer cutting-edge prices with uncompromising quality!

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If you would like to see more screenshots, please contact me on Discord.


Specific prices are negotiable, but unfortunately we only accept USD (PayPal).


You can contact me on Discord at: George#2294

Thank you for reading, and hopefully we can work together soon :slight_smile:


Wouldn’t I want to know the artist I’m working with and see their work directly and only theirs instead of having to go through an agency?


That is a valid point, but not the solution we provide.
We have multiple designers, hence we are able to provide multiple works of creativity and vision cheaper than if you were to hire multiple individual designers. An agency/studio solution also allows us to provide more help to you with a bigger perspective on it, and also allows us to bring in again more talent than if you were to just hire a designer solely yourself.


I hired the group they’re still in-progress with my work but they’re extremely talented and fantastic to work with.

I’ll vouge for them in a week when my work is delivered.


Thank you! It was a pleasure working :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, but all these artworks are from the same exact person… wouldn’t a customer want to see artworks from other artists?


They are not from the same person, they are done by 2 seperate individuals. We also have more art, we just haven’t added it.

Capt_George, I think your overestimating the scale of a piece of graphic design on Roblox. Almost nobody on the platform wants more than one designer to be making one piece of their art. When you have more people it takes longer, costs more, and styles clash. For anything from a simple mockup of a few screens, to a beautiful photo-realistic rendered image, one designer will suffice. Also, who are your young talented individuals looking to set in stone their place in the design world? Seems very sketching.

I have no preference whether you use us or not. If you feel more comfortable with someone else you know, that is fine.
We’ve done work for multiple people, and not a single complaint has been raised. We made 4 thumbnails and 2 logos for around $100 or so, which in all honesty is a good price.