Hello! I’m AridOats.

I can do Scripting; I mainly focus on GUI & UI Scripting, and am learning a bit about API Usage (Discord, Pastebin ect.) and am looking forward to learning more!

I started ROBLOX back in 2015, and made my first main Account in 2016 (I mean I used this regularly), called JumbledAlien9.

ROBLOX has opened so many doors for me with friendships and trust, and I am a huge fan of Computational Science.

My latest Game I am working on is a Chill-Out Style Game I have made for my Me, my Friends, and my YouTube Community, called Arid’s Untitled Game.

I also have a Script Pack, where you can find details in the Pastebin Below: Arid’s Script Pack

Thanks for Visiting! :smile: