Hey! :wave: | My name is Creo! I am a 3D Modeler for hire, and I love to make models! You can do whatever you want with my models when you buy them, so have fun!
3D Modeling is something I love to do, and I can model for whoever wants! I like to model furniture and weapons and all that :thumbsup:

:heart: I only take USD and giftcards :heart:
:white_check_mark: My timezone is Central! :white_check_mark:

Come ask me to model something in dms, and I will be sure to model it for you! Also, I finish all assigned models in UNDER 12 hours!

If you ask me for a model before 8 pm central time, you will be getting your model back in under 12 hours!
I also answer my commissioners immediately, and I give them pictures of my progress. I will ask if they like the models. You can even ask for a weapon pack! So come dm me! I will respond immediately!
I also have pictures to prove that I am a modeler, come dm me to see what I do! My best works is furniture! Modeling is the best, and you can get a modeler who loves their job, that’s a steal!

My discord!