Roblox Developer, Community Member and Enthusiast since 2011

On the Roblox platform, I have developed games and experiences, assisted the Roblox Education team, contributed heavily to the Roblox Community QA Team and partnered with many talented developers for various creative endeavours. As Creator and Community Manager of the community-run Roblox Ireland Discord server, I’m excited for what the future of Roblox holds internationally!

Notable Achievements:

● Finalist in the 4th Annual Bloxy Awards
● Contributor to Roblox Build It, Play It
● Appearances in the Official Roblox Blog
● 3rd Place Winner of the RDC London 2017 Game Jam with Team Timed
● Voice Actor for Clockwork Entertainment’s “Alone” (5M+ Plays)

Events I’ve Attended:

● Roblox Developer’s Conference 2017, London
● Roblox Developer’s Conference 2018, Amsterdam
● Roblox Developer’s Conference 2019, London
● CK Studio+ Roblox Developer Meet-Up 2020, London
● Virtual RDC 2020