Hello! My name is Valentin.

I’m a @Roblox Developer who specializes on building, modeling, translating and testing. Developing on Roblox, an immersive imaginary platform. My goal on the DevForums is to help people, bring people together and cooperate with each other. We all are developers, that have to work as a team. More and more players are joining our community, to play, get inspired, and then develop and create with us. Together, we imagine, and make our dreams come true. Whether It’s our dream house, our dream island, a shopping center, or an interesting story, with a meaning behind it. We all should be able to show everyone, what we can do.


My experience is quite big, so I’m not a beginner. I love working with CFrames while building, which gives my builds a little more detail than usual. I model furniture in Roblox Studio right now, since I have no Blender experience yet.

My portfolio: WIP.


I have translated at least one game fully, and know what it is to translate. I’m a native German speaker, and I speak English really well. .

Contact and Social Media:

My Discord - CrashFacts#8005

My twitter