A random girl with no social life. :cat:

• Owner of Giad’s Clothing. I love drawing and I’m quite good at it, but I can’t afford a graphics tablet, so I draw all my clothes with Paint. And trust me, it’s very hard… I really hope to buy a graphics tablet one day! (Edit: I actually got one!! :D) :smiley_cat:

• I used to build obbies in 2018 and the early 2019 - I’m a lot improved since then. :hammer:

• I’m currently working as Admin, Builder and Event Host for Gruppo Italiano 2016, also known as Community Italiana Robloxiana. It’s one of the biggest Italian communities on Roblox, and I’ve been working there for almost 2 years. :it:

I joined this forum to learn new things about building, and especially scripting, on Roblox Studio.