Hey people!

My name is IntrepidDude, but u can call me Intrepid. Iā€™m a Programmer, Builder, Game Designer, GFX Maker, Intro Maker and a Fair Innovative Leader.

Feel free to message me if you got any inquiries, questions or concerns.
You may contact me on DevForums or Roblox.

š‚š®š«š«šžš§š­ š’š¤š¢š„š„š¬:

āš¬ Building (One Year)
āš¬ Game Designing and Scripting (Two Years)
āš¬ GFX and Intro Making (One Year)

ššžš«š¬šØš§ššš„ š€šœš”š¢šžšÆš¦šžš§š­š¬:

āš¬ Created small realistic places.
āš¬ Achieved many successes in my personal career of Developing.
āš¬ Recognized in a Super Clan.

š‚š®š«š«šžš§š­š„š² & š…šØš«š¦šžš«š„š² š‡šžš„š ššØš¬š¢š­š¢šØš§š¬:

āš¬ Former Trusted Administrator of a Super Clan.
āš¬ Former Admin and Staff in former large clan Team Frosty.
āš¬ Former Server Manager of a Super Clan.
āš¬ Development Team at United States Armed Forces.
āš¬ Founder of Intrepid Nation.
āš¬ Former developer of British Armed Forces.
āš¬ Engineering Team at Realistic Roleplay
And even more that Iā€™m just too busy to list!

Have a nice day Devs!