Hello, I’m the official and only alt of the Roblox account “Smogy77”
I’m a game developer and a 16 y/o male, here are some facts/jobs I do!


✇ Hey there, I’m Smog and here are some things I do on Roblox ✇

-Terrain Editor
-Ui maker
-Game designer
-Graphic producer
-Game Producer
-Known Developer
-Community Developer

【 Community Roles 】

-Roblox Content Makers: Owner / Developer
-Roblox Community Developers: Moderator
-Roblox Translator Community: Administrator
-Advanced Coalition of Roblox: Co Owner / Lead Developer
-Roblox YouTubers Community: Co Owner / Head Developer
-Sweats N Treats: Head Developer
-Roblox Developing School: Administrator
-Demonicc: Administrator
-Bamboo Studio: Co Lead Developer
-Hidden Developers: Graphics Artist / Studio Builder
-RBX Excel : Co Lead
-Roblox Community Testers : Co Lead