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Hi, I’m WooleyWool. I’m just a developer with a crazy imagination. Joined Roblox back in 2012. I’ve started out developing at the age of 10, creating fun games (that don’t have any scripts that I’ve created) with free models. As I’ve continued to grow older, I’ve learned to script on my own and through tutorials. I’ve learned to use the Roblox API and have a strong grasp of Lua.

You’ll likely see me in #help-and-feedback:scripting-support helping others fix their script issues and/or direct them to the Roblox API. This way, users learn to use their problem-solving skills instead of depending on others to do their scripts. My ultimate goal and philosophy are that everyone has the opportunity to code, whether it’d be to do it on their own or receive guidance from others. Anyone can code, they just need to learn it and do it in small steps.

During my free time, I code personal projects, create tutorials for the community, and expand my coding knowledge. I am part of FRC (First Robotics) so I also code and teach others Java as part of my membership on the team.

If you have any questions or concerns, please DM me here and I’ll try to respond.

Quick note: Wooloo is my baby. Don’t speak to my child again!