Hello, I am Chichiatube, 15 Years Old, Male and I am well known in the roblox community.

I don’t accept friend requests, just follow me instead to be able to join my games.

“Creativity is the key so don’t loose the key” - Chichiatube

-Roblox DevForum Member
-Roblox Beta Tester
-Roblox Filter Helper
-Roblox Wiki Editor/Helper


-Game Developer

-GFX Artist

-Sound Producer

-Game Tester


-Clothing Designer



-Founder of [RCM] Roblox Content Makers, Roblox Translators Community, RBXValue, BloxyChill, The🐼Panda Squad🐼.

-Owner of [RYT] Roblox YouTubers, The Roblox YouTube Community.

-Lead Developer at Bamboo Studio.

-Chairman of Bamboo Apparel, Bamboo Café.

-Lead Operator of ROBLOX Community Testers, RBXExcel.

-Co Founder of Pride- Clothing.

-Moderator at The Vumeycel Production Team.

-Administrator at Roblox Developer Communïty, Extraordinary Architects of Robloxia, Zed Clan.

-Supervisor at [RCD] ROBLOX Community Developers.