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So umm hello! I guess I should introduce myself here.
Im flguynico2. I like to be called flguynico (my old account that got hacked) or just flg.DO NOT CALL ME FLY! Ps people have been asking how to pronounce my username and its pronounced. (Fl-gOon-iikooh) your welcome. :wink:

I found Roblox when I was in the library one time in 5/24/14. Someone was playing the game “Welcome to the town of Robloxia”
I asked them “Hey that looks cool! What is that game called?” The person replied “Its called Roblox. Want to watch?” “Sure!” I said. After a little bit of watching I thought to myself, “Maybe I could play that game to!” I went on the library computer and typed in “Roblox” after playing as a guest for a little bit, I decided its time I make my own account! I made the account flguynico. While on my account for the first time, I played some of the classics that we all know today (Work at a Pizza Place, Ride a cart into blank, etc.) My old account got hacked around 2015 and I basically quit Roblox for around 6 months (I think) rip guests they were annoying but at least they gave newcomers a chance of a some-what like demo After that I decided to make a new account in 5/25/16. Hey what a coincidence! I was going to just do the same thing but it wouldn’t let me so i added a “2” and it worked! It has been hacked a few times but I wasn’t going to let my new account go down the same fate as my old one and thanks to this method I developed, this account is still here strong and proud!

I got started in developing because I was sick and tired of all those How can I put this in the most passive terms? lousy games. I decided that since no one will do something different, I am going to make that change.

There are multiple things that I want to achieve in Roblox due to the community making something new everyday! One thing is making a game that players would say “Oh my goodness! This is much better than all those usual simulators!” However that is a long shot for me due to not having much experience but each day I learn something new that can help my building.

I am not sure what I would consider myself as yet but, in a 1-10 rating (10 being highest) I would say

The only thing I want to say to the future of Roblox is this:

Dream big Robloxains! Dream big! Don’t just make something for the money. That is greed! Make what you desire. Don’t let any harsh criticism tear you down. Let it help reshape and find out what the people really want.