GameDevSky | UX/UI Designer | Scripter | Game Tester | Digital Artist

Hello, I am Sky, an aspiring Roblox game developer! I’m a UI and UX designer (still working on my UX skills and trying to enhance my skills with UI design) and I am learning Roblox Lua programming (I’m at basic level with programming in this programming language as of now (October 19, 2020 when I am typing this out)).

I worked with: @DarkHouseRBLX, @SystematicMess, @fulljonathan, @JonathanAviation, @Zivao, @RuizuKun_Dev, @Junoful, @MrGalaretka, @Ryanthemudkip and I am also working with a few others as of now.

I’m currently working as a QA tester for a game named “Octopus” created by @Wrathsong and I used to be work as QA tester for a game named “Knightfall” created by @SingleSided & @FireExodus. My commissions are currently closed as of now, but you may contact me if interested.


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