Hi, I’m Jack. I work extensively on many platforms. I currently excel at most subjects. I fully work with professional software, including the Autodesk Suite, such as 3ds max and Fusion 360, Blender 2.82, Unreal Engine, the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, and more. The identity I primarily work under would be “Reality Gaming Linked.”

My largest projects include triple A development works, that are typically under major developmental projects, such as using exceptionally procedural design, with software like Houdini by SideFX. I develop audio, from sound effects to music, in Ableton Live, and rarely Audacity. I also may home-record sounds for very-specific sounds, in which case I use two Zoom H3-VR Microphones. For Isolated Vocal recordings, we use three Yeti Pros from Blue, all in Supersonic Stereo.

Speaking of VR, I’m also a major Virtual Reality developer. My primary headset is a Valve Index, but I own almost every other headset out there, including the Pimax Vision 8K Plus, Varjo VR-2, and more. I produce film, and that includes VR film developed for high-resolution production environments. We use 10 RED Ranger Heliums in an array for professional 8k 360 degree VR visuals.

For normal recording, we still use a Ranger Helium, however if we’re using motion content, our stabilizer is a DJI Ronin 2. Now, I understand you may be more interested into the equipment Reality Gaming Linked may use, however this is just an about page on a Roblox Developer platform. How does this match up with Roblox? I’m talking about stuff that has nothing to do with Roblox! Well, I’ll be honest with you. The quality Reality Gaming Linked puts into all of our work, applies to Roblox as well. Working with us, you’d be receiving exceptional quality in anything you think that couldn’t even be possible.

The projects we’ve worked on for Roblox are too large to list directly everything I’ve worked on, as I’ve done many jobs, from major games to simple contracts. However, from the extreme amount of background work we’ve worked on, there’s actually a large chance the API, product, or other item you may be using for work is actually something we developed for in some way.

As you know, this is an extremely large “About Me” page. I must apologize for seeming like someone who brags, but not to brag, I am also a professional writer. :smile:

Enjoy your day, Robloxian. :happy1: