I’m sharky and I like the sharks as you could tell, I like when the people around me treat me more like a friend than anything else :b

I do tons of stuff like 3D Modelling, Scripting (in various languages), GUI Designing, GFX and more! So anything related you can just hit me up.

Been 7 months since I joined the developers community and it has been wholesome, really cool and made tons of friends!

Former Developer (Scripter) at Coast Grill | Developer at Blau Hotels (3D Artst) | Contractor at Tsunami Sushi (3D Artist) | Contractor at Venti’s Cafe (3D Artist) | Co-owner of Scatter Studios (3D Artist and GUI Designer) | Developer of “Crush them all!”

Not really accepting commissions for the moment! If you need anything contact me and I could redirect you to another really talented person. Porfolio and Twitter:



NOTE: I do not have any alt accounts, anyone who’s claiming to be me do not believe for any reason!