About me
Hi! I am ronaldcjxd, an avid ROBLOX developer I have been at ROBLOX for four years, developing for four years I am a builder, terrain artist, animator, gfx creator, map writer, screenwriter, creator of lobby I have worked for many people

I’m free from 2pm PST until 11pm PST Monday through Friday and mostly free on weekends. My schedule may change. I can not promise you anything.

My preferred payment is ROBUX and PayPal

The prices are negotiable, I accept payment per hour or per asset. My preferred payment method is [paypal, electronic transfer or robux].

The minimum I charge is 1k of Robux and the maximum is 10k of Robux

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or for discord at: Ronald_YT # 4379

Thank you for reading! :smiley: