Unions causing lag?


There are quite a few threats discussing how unions may lag the server and client. I would just appreciate and answer in my usage of them as apparently it varies on the usage of them.

In a nutshell, my entire game is loaded with unions, however, I wouldn’t say that they are that detailed. I’m sure each union doesn’t that have many ‘triangles’ as there are around 20~ parts for every union. This will add up though as the game is pretty large.

The blue outlines show different unions within the game.

I’ve noticed that when I move the camera to different areas, the framerate sometimes drops from 60fps to 40fps. On lower end computers, this could be horrific.

Would you recommend tons upon tons of unions or, separate these unions but have loads of parts? I don’t not want to go on every single union and separate them to find out that it made no difference.

EDIT: This area for example will sometimes take 10-20fps away.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Never union parts just for the sake of unioning them, they use much more memory and processing than the individual constituent parts.


Yeah I’ve learned that the hard way; don’t union to make things easier.


Alright, looks like I’ll be coding a plugin tomorrow to ununion everything.

Thank you both for your quick responses! :slight_smile: