Updates to Preferred Player Count


It’s nice that this has become a feature, made something similar for a survival game that I’m working on!


I didn’t think the current setting was that hard to understand…? Either way, great update.


They have added back the ability to view and join specific servers from a list of all servers. Just click the “Servers” tab and choose to join a server your friend is not in.


I wish it wasn’t that much of a hassle. But I guess this will do.


What did preferred player count even do? Im still confused on what the use of it is…


Example server:

Max players: 20
Preferred: 15
Current player count: 17

People who play the game from the play button won’t join this server. However, players following their friends in can join the sever. This feature is used to make it less likely that a server is full when a player’s friend joins.