Welcome the Public category of the Roblox Developer Forum. This section is open to everyone and is intended to provide updates from the staff, tutorials from our Developer Hub, and general insight on the platform.

Development Support

The Development Support category is intended for “question and answer” style threads.
This includes questions ranging in difficulty from extremely basic to even the most technical of issues.


This category has been created to empower our international developers and provide them with a place to discuss development in their native languages within the Roblox Developer Forum… You may discuss any of the following:


Figured out how to do something that you think your peers on the DevForum and the public would find useful? Post step-by-step instructions in the Tutorials category! Be sure to detail and explain your steps as best you can and remember that not everyone has your particular set of skills.

Feature Requests

Feature Requests covers every aspect of Roblox via subcategories. If you're not sure where your feature request belongs, please do not post it in the Feature Requests category itself, just guess. You can always move it later. Remember that this section of the forums is not for discussion.

Bug Reports

Post bug reports in the correct category.

Platform Support

A forum dedicated to platform specific support and questions.

Bulletin Board

Share important content with your group or game communities. All content created in this section has the main goal of informing your communities, and as a result, threads are automatically locked.