¿How to shake a screen? 2d platform

Hello everyone, since I am new to this platform, I do not know much and I would like to know if in some way a screen movement could be made that is not activated when walking or jumping but is always active thanks.

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This might not be what you want if so could you explain a little further? Other than that here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uiUkuCS8WE

You’ve mentioned that you’re new to the platform, so I’m not sure how much use this would be to you at its core, but this framework made by Sleitnick makes incredible camera shakes:

hello sorry for the inconvenience it is compatible for 2d platform?

Hello, sorry for the inconvenience, it is compatible for 2d platform or you will know how to implement it on 2d platform I have already tried it and if it works correctly in normal camera but when you change it to 2d platform it does not work