1 animation only showing for the player

I took the Animate script out of the starting character ,and used the most simple method by placing it in StarterCharacterScripts ,this usually works and works fine now too, except for 1 animation , this is the only animation that for some reason doesn’t work, it is the run animation. I need it to show for all players, like all the other animations.
The problem is that only the player can see itself running , meaning that you can’t see others running.
I have tried changing the animation through other scripts, changing the animation itself ,changing the Id of the animation to a new one.

So far i had no luck, if anyone out there knows, it would greatly appreciated if you help me

Do you have a linked animation script I’ve heard people talk about that for things like this.

I’ve had a problem with this before and the only fix that worked was making the length of the animation the exact same as the default animation.

Tried it, i checked the default animation length and it was 0.6 , tried changing it to that but still doesn’t work.

Are you changing the animation ID in the script or the actual animation instance’s ID?

I’m changing it in the instance and through script.

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This happened to me when I set the run and walk animations to the same animation ID