1 Second Long SFX can't be made public

Reproduction Steps

Go to a less than 6 second long sound.

Expected Behavior

You are able to make it public, and use it in other games and distribute it.

Actual Behavior

The audio is listed as private, which is not expected. You should be allowed to make <6s audios public.

Issue Area: Roblox Website
Page URL: https://www.roblox.com/library/configure?id=ASSET_ID#!/general
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly

I may be wrong

But I understood that only audios of less than 6 seconds that were uploaded BEFORE the audio privacy update were left public .

For those who uploaded later, Roblox was reviewing some that give SFX and manually set them as Public (or capacity to be)



I dont think that’s the case. Audios <6s are classified under “sfx” and are public.

bug: its been 6 months and we still can’t make audios public :sob:


This is not correct, as @Queenlxys said, audios that were created after the update cannot be made public regardless of length.

This is intentional behaviour.

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Oh boy, audio update makes life easier again!

Besides that, I would like somebody from the team to come and say if making audios public will every happen again. I’m incredibly sick of this. If people think that new icons are destructive they should really try this.


As stated above, this is not a bug. The behavior is intended.

When will we be able to make stuff public again? It’s extremely disruptive to not be able to make any audio public.


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