[10K Robux] Hiring UI Designer

Hi! Thanks for viewing my hiring post.


About Us
Hello, I am am_brick, creator of Ice-Cream Simulator and many other simulator games on Roblox.

Project Information
Magicorn Games is a roblox group about fantasy, enchantment and magic. We are currently working on a unicorn roleplay game set in a magical forest where the players interact with one another as unicorns.

Job Details
What we need is a UI designer to create the interface for the game. The theme is fantasy, medieval and we need something similar to Dungeon Quest’s GUI.

List of UI Elements

Shop Button + Window
Inventory/Accessory Button + Window
Coins Display
Customize Unicorn Button
Trade Button + Window
Settings Button + Window
Unicorn animation Hotbar (Basically a bar with buttons on it that are emotes for the player’s character)

Pay will be 10K Robux and paid through my Roblox group Buckaboo Games. Payment is negotiable if there ends up being more work.

Please only apply if you are 13 or older, have a discord and have a portfolio readily available.

All applicants may apply by contacting us through discord through Ciara#6759


I’m Interested! Dan999plus | UI Designer


Sent a request

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very interested sent a request I am ImjustaStufful#5873

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Hello! I have contacted you via discord.
You may DM me for examples on there.


General Kenobi#5246

Shot you a request, im Nv#2008

Requested by topic creator as job posting was filled.