[10K+ ROBUX] Looking for low poly modeler/builder

About The Job
We are looking for a professional low poly builder/modeler to join our team as our modeler/builder creator We expect high quality builds that adhere to our game’s style.

We are paying [500-10000]Robux per asset. Our preferred payment method is Robux but we have no problem paying with paypal

Contact Us
Discord : 1Noob#2582

We expect a high quality low poly items,tools and armors like these

low poly item2 Low Poly Items

We also wants a low poly builder who can build maps/trees/buildings/etc


im interested send you a friend request

I am interested! My Discord is @RazorBladedino117#5440

I am interested and i just sent you a friend request my discord is Doppler#5592

you need to reply to my discord messages dude, please. im very interested in this and i can make this stuff, my discord is xolitia#7884

I agree, my discord is punkde#8982

your not wrong i said hi he dint even respond for 2 days

Highly interested.
Contact details are in the portfolio.

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