[10k Robux Pay] Seeking Assistance Building a Showcase Venue

Hello all! I’m seeking assistance in creating a showcase venue. I am releasing a clothing collection with Fabricatized with pieces inspired by videogame and arcade fashion.

We need someone who is reliable and able to work fast to create:

◘ A layout for the entire venue
◘ A cyberpunk alleyway and arcade-themed entrance inspired by Japan, where players will spawn and wait, hang out, sit, take pictures, and look around
◘ Ticket booths
◘ Cinema door entrance
◘ Runway with seating
◘ A small shop where players can join and purchase clothing (50 designs)
◘ Extra things which will be integrated down the line as the build continues

In short terms, we ask for you to start the build from scratch and start bringing life into the venue. We will be building with you as we become inspired by your work and get to know the nature we create in our collaboration.


I will be paying 10k Robux through group funds ($35 USD equivalent) for what work you feel accommodates this price best. The most important part of this project is for you to be able to provide a layout for us to work with and further decorate as you build. We are open to your ideas but want very unique structures in this build.

As we negotiate what you will be building, once you have reached a build worth 10k, if you decide to continue working on this project, you will be paid for additional work, if you are willing to keep working.

Upfront, you will be paid half before you start working. You will be in a group chat with us via Discord, and we ask that you keep us updated on what you are working on to make sure what you create is in the vision of the project and so we don’t have to ask you to make revisions down the line, to make your work fast and easy.

Our deadline for this build is July 18th.

Here are some of the inspirations that we admire and ask for:


Here is some of the work that we have created and this is what we are presenting:

Please send me examples of your work and ask me any question through:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Nilvou
Discord: Nilvou#9539
You can also post your work through this thread

P.S: You will be credited for your work on the Roblox Platform, Twitter, and on YouTube. Your name will not be hidden, just so that’s clear.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


This looks REALLY hard to build. I think you should up the payment.


I agree that I did not specify how detailed the work needed to be. I’m seeking someone to build the layout and basic/large areas as a blueprint for us to go in and make the details and go in with the harder stuff. :slight_smile: If you are wanting to make more, or even do the detailing yourself, you will definitely be paid additional Robux.

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How @DominusInfinitus said in your post, 35$ Isn’t something in the price range for what your asking for. I have friends that work with other teams and they build this in blender and other difficulty levels. They get paid at least 1000$, for a map like this.


Shoot me a DM on discord! SurfersSurg#0001

One thousand dollars?! Where the hell do I sign up for this?!

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