10M00NS - Builder//2D Artist//UIDesigner



About Me

Hello! I’m 10M00NS! A 2D Artist/Builder! I have my own Difficulty chart obby to! (Link Below)


2D Art


UI Designs


(Black Friday Discounts Soon: Starts In three days.)
2D Art: Depends
Build: Depends
UI Design: Depends

Why Me?

Because I’m more efficient, And I have more capacity slots I also an do more, Like Build, Do UI, And 2D Art. I also get the work done quickly, Less than a day most of the time.

Contact Me!

Hydrinated#1669 | Discord Or DevForum ONLY


Thanks for reading! Please consider me and have a GREAT rest of your day/night!

-Roblox Developer

Can you please clear this up? Your discord tag is the same as another roblox account, Hydrinated which is a dev forum user that is suspended. Idk if your using an alt account to get back into developer forum. It also seems like an alt account since your roblox account has been made less than a week ago.

PS. If this is you, my game is not dumb. Don’t say that on the Twitter comments.

Please clear this up thank you!

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They both have almost the same work

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I’d be very carful, Moons contacted me under the Discord username Hydrinated and proceeded to call my art “trash” and make rude comments towards me because I told him I was not hiring, but looking to be hired. (The edited message was the one where he originally called me trash, he later changed it.)

![Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 2.46.11 PM|690x384] (upload://qyUWIxWpQdcOKGVxEbx4kTEyH1W.png)

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Thank you for bringing his work up! I will make sure to flag this post.