[110K R+8%] UI & Graphic Designer for Murder Game

About Us

Hi I’m a scripter, here’s my portfolio
You can see the Murder game’s outline here

About The Job

I’m looking for a UI and graphic designer to join the team to create the game’s UI and any other graphics the game might need.


This is entirely negotiable, but to start I think paying 110k R and 8% royalty is a fair offer. I can pay in Robux or through paypal.


Please contact me on Discord: arto#4609

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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What would be the UI style and is photoshop required?

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You can use what ever software you’d like to make the UI. I don’t have a specific style in mind yet except that it should not be just flat or material design

I’m good with photoshop. I am interested.

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I’m interested in applying, I’ve sent my portfolio.

Link to portfolio: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/open-pandapb-ui-ux-designer-portfolio/379922

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I am open here is my portfolio My (PORTFOLIO) I specialize in everything My discord is Developerboi#1682.

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Add me on Discord if you’re interested. I have 3+ years of experience and have worked for multiple big games such as Texting Simulator, Case Clicker, Piñata Simulator, and lots of other groups. My portfolio has 4.5k views and 50+ likes. I provide a wide range of services, and you can find them all here: EGOTISMS: The leading UI/UX Designer [AVAILABLE FOR BRAND DEALS & MORE]

My Discord is V.#8916

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I’m interested in making thumbnails, and other renders for this game. Here’s my devforum post (OPEN) HP2009_GFX Portfolio | 5 Years of 3D Art

My discord is HP2009#5602

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