[$120+ USD] In need of a round system with game modes

Hello everybody, Staticflam here. Currently working on a combat focused game and I’m in need of a scripter to create a detailed round system for me.

About the Job

The script(s) will require:

  • Player checks(minimum # of players are needed in a server to start the round)
  • Countdown Timer for the match
  • Intermission Timer
  • Round in progress text
  • Map Selector
  • Round Selector
  • Teleportation of players to the map
  • Each map will have their own music theme
  • Round ending when conditions are met(last person standing, most kills, last team standing, etc)

More in depth details will be provided if you are accepted for the job.

The selected game modes will also have to be scripted as well. (Example: If it’s a team battle players must be divided into teams, juggernaut= one player has to be selected as juggernaut, etc)


Payment will be in USD through paypal. Prices are negotiable starting at ~120.


If you’re interested please leave a portfolio linked down below with a discord to contact you by. Only looking for people who will be committed to completing the task. Would also be super dope if you could do a little UI work to go along with it. You’ll be contacted within 24-48 hours after posting if you’ve been accepted for the job. If you have any questions feel free to ask or message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks in advance for your time! :slight_smile:

I don’t have a portfolio set up here but for videos and images of my most recent works you can scroll through my Twitter.
UI work can be done and example work can be found on my Twitter linked above.


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Discord: Captain#1855

I suggest @Reapimus he is a very talented scripter

I am interested in this. But can you pay me in robux instead if you accept?

I make round-based systems EVERY DAY bro, I can get this done in undr 10 minutes if i apply the new things you want

ps i don’t need a portfolio my posts in my profile are enough :joy:

My discord is incapaz#1952

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I created something like this a while ago in Summer of last year. I will be willing to share it, for Robux, though. I can perform some edits for you in that script.

I do not really have a portfolio, as it has incomplete stuff; just projects mostly.

My DiscordTag is Araknala#0061.

I have this already completed!

Contact me at discord or Private messeges

DISCORD : GrinchDeveloper#6312

[I don’t need 120 USD] Just a few robux if that’s fine

I’ve done this twice with two games I made 100% by myself. Both of them have had success and one of them was even chosen by Roblox to be listed in the Featured category in 2018.

I can do everything you listed here and even add in some special options, such as the ability to vote on maps and a super easy structure so that you can modify it to your will after I’ve completed it. I’ve done extensive UI work as well which you can see in it’s best form in my newest game Ball Blast.

On my Roblox profile all the games are completely made by me. I recommend trying out Ball Blast first as it’s my most recent and highest quality game to date. https://www.roblox.com/users/1170122/profile

You can contact me on Discord Stormcell#6915

I could do the job relatively quickly, my discord is Wingboy0#4187, you can check my roblox profile for my prototype games, my most popular one is parkour zone (which has some round based system but very simple compared to your requirements as showcase)

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