15+ Free Simulator Assets!

Hello, I am LowsDev. I made a few assets for free! I have been a modeler since 2019! I just want to help other people :smiley: This includes:

  1. Three Tree Variants
  2. Two Rocks
  3. One Log
  4. One Tree Stump
  5. One Simulator Terrain
  6. Two Mountain Variants
  7. One Light Post
  8. One Lantern
  9. Leaderboard
  10. Gamepass/Code Advertisement Sign
  11. One Sign
  12. One Fence

Why did I open sourced this?

I decided to do this because, I’ve seen a lot of newer developers struggling on how to make models, making this could give them a little more of an advantage than they have had before.
Another reason why, I was asked by a few people, so I did it. I hope you guys enjoy this :slight_smile:


More Images


Yes, this is a free model pack I made.
If you use this, credits in the game’s description will be required.
Claiming this as your own is also not allowed.



@LowsDev - Asset Creator


Happy Creating! Send me your creations with this on discord! @Low#8211


In the license you literally say you can resell this… and then in the model desc you say you can’t.


You’re not allowed to edit the license btw. It was either use a different license or let reselling be allowed.


Really love the mountains. I don’t know if I’ll find much use of it, but someone definitely will.


This lisence has no validity, everyone can resell or own as their own


I’m sorry, can you add me on discord and tell me what I did wrong with it. This is my first time, Low#8211

What is this supposed to be?

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I think thats supposed to be a hill or something

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It’s just simple low poly terrain, also I saw before you edited. But yeah, I made these really basic, cause I mean… it’s a free model pack.

Sorry about that, most of the models looks pretty good.

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No worries! I mean they do look pretty bad, but like I said. It’s free so, I am not gonna make something insane, just something to start off some new devs.


By marking something as a free model on Roblox, you forfeit your rights, as shown by the disclaimer when you mark as free. I’d recommend uploading it somewhere else.


I’m sorry what? Why would roblox do that?

I am doing this for other people.

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@rogchamp is right. There is a disclaimer when uploading your model to the library: Free models can be used be anyone in any way, including claiming that they themselves made the free model. Don’t make your assets a free model/a copied game if you don’t want to allow this.

Anyone can resell this, anyone can claim that this is their creation, and no one has to credit you. All three will be to the courtesy of the user who takes the free model. No one is required to follow any of the agreements.

To summarize: Don’t upload your asset as a free model. Use a different method if you want rights.


Thank you. Really Appreciated.

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Thanks for letting me know! What should I do?

If you’re not comfortable with others reselling or doing other actions to your assets, then don’t post a resource. You’re not obliged to, and sometimes you have to allow people to do some stuff you may not like.

P.S. Why do I sound like I’m defending people who resell assets lol