[15k Backup] Hiring Advanced Scripter for a First Person Shooter Game

Hello there. I’m the co-owner of: https://www.roblox.com/groups/6209213/Imperium-Studios#!/about. We are an upcoming team, we currently don’t have an entire team so I’ve made this post to see if we could hire a few of the developers that we are currently missing.

What we’re looking for:
We’re looking for an Advanced UI Designer that is capable of:

  • Making UI’s for a whole game.
  • Making high detailed and UI’s that match the theme of the game
  • Uses professional software (photoshop, paint.net, etc)

We’re also looking for an Advanced Scripter that is capable/has done past work with:

  • Scripting guns
  • Scripting data stores
  • has 2 or more years of experience

It is required that both of the people have a portofolio or a list of past games they’ve worked on.

@LouisMontagu - GFX Designer, Co-Owner
@Inkqo - Project Manager, Game Designer
@nash23122 - 3D Modeler, Owner
@Smogy_Developer - Builder
@ Techyfied - UI Designer
@couldbeyou - Scripter

The Scripter and UI Designer will be paid with game revenue, we do have 2 backups, 1 of the options is: Limiteds, I could pay with limiteds or I have 15k as a backup.

You can contact me on discord: nash#6610
or you could contact me here.


I am interested to work as a UI Designer, but I had a question. Will you pay 15k robux through group funds for all the UIs? And will you pay after I submit all the UI or per asset? Will you be able to pay a partial amount of the robux before I sart working so I can confirm it’s a deal?

Add me on Discord, DevTech#2321. I use Affinity Designer to design important assets for the UI. More detail and all my works can be found on my portfolio

Hey, I saw your question, to answer that, you will be paid by game revenue until all of the payouts are done. But, if the game does not make it and you don’t get the cost of all the UI’s, we will pay with out backup which is 15k robux. :slight_smile:

Hi, I am really interested in applying! Would it be possible if you pay 15k as soon as the job is done? Or do we have to wait?

If you’re applying for the UI Designer role, it’s taken already. Sorry.

Dear Nash,

I’ve used paint.net for almost a long time and I’ve learned all the complex and advanced features the software can offer to us as customers and I’ve done lots of productive tasks with it. Kindly message me if you need any details of my work to thank you.


Hey this sounds cool I actually am doing an fps right now mostly for fun, but making it to an actual game would be epic. I contacted you as @incapaz#1952

Alright, add me and I’ll see what you can do. :wink:

Alright, add me on discord, or you can contact me here. I have no problem. I just need to see some past work :slight_smile:

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