Hi there! I’m a 3D Modeler with 2+ years of experience with Blender and Roblox Studios, I’m extremely interested in the builder position and I would love the opportunity to discuss this with you further. Looking forward to hearing from you, Myth#7974

Hey, we are in need of builders. So, DM tropicila#0001 on Discord.

@drvniq Still waiting for the response…

Hello my name is Sam, add me back on discord SamRBX#7330 so i can show you my past works. I am really interested in the builder and map designer position! Im a high quality modeler and builder(basically map maker aswell)

Hello I am a builder with almost 6 months of experience, I am low poly. I have a question about the building what do you want for the builder to build like name a example

A cartoony builder. :slight_smile:

DM tropicila#4142 on Discord.

It wont work, image

Add me SamSam#0001, If you need a realist builder.

Sorry, tropicila#0001. :smile:

Hi! Do you possibly need a game designer/manager? Here is my portfolio https://devforum.roblox.com/t/game-designer-manager-for-hire-open/817863

Contact tropicila#0001 on Discord.

yes i am a builder if u wanna see my work u can contact me on insta or discord
insta @haseeb_abidi
discord @haseebabidi#8269robloxapp-.mp3.wmv (494.4 KB)

Could you respond? On the message i sent on discord

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