16 Years of Roblox

Hello Developers, today I’m making a post in honor of my time both playing, and working with Roblox.

I joined Roblox on November 18th, 2007, and here’s a few images of some ancient versions of my games I pulled up, starting with the most notable things I did on Roblox every year. It’s been 14 years* since I joined.

(* I’ve decided I’ll be coming back to this once a year and updating my adventures)

2007: Joined Roblox. Was only on Roblox for the last 43 days of the year, mostly just played Stealth Pilot’s Pirates of the Robloxian and Miked’s Paintball. First game I ever played was Are92’s Space Cruise V2.12.
2008: Made a war clan called The 13 Clans of Roblox (basically a feudal-era Japan ninja/samurai group; up until groups existed, I had to keep track of members in my profile description). Also got my first taste of a popular game; made a really bad Robloxians of the Caribbean game which got 20 players at once. Made a series of story games called Samurai Legend: Rise of the Dark Lord
2009: Made a clan called DESERT (Daring and Elite Soldiers Enforcing Robloxians To-law [creative, I know]). Did tons of training and fighting. Made a series of story games called Not Alone
2010: Basically threw myself and my clanmates at everyone who came our way and got in a lot of flame wars and in-game battles. Played lots of games, but also built a ton of upgrades and extensions to all of my military clan warzones.
2011: My first major hit game After the Flash… (ATF) hit a few hundred players. Also made the sequel ATF2
2012: Made ATF3, got top spot on Games page. (All DESERT-related activity stopped at this point as I focused my efforts on games)
2013: Made ATF4. Didn’t do much this year because I started focusing on other engines, until DevEx was instated late this year, which brought my focus back to Roblox (as I know it did with many others as well). Also made Divided We Fall and the original map for The Far Lands.
2014: Made ATF5, Blackout, and helped with other various games. Posted Attack on Noob on YouTube.
2015: Made Club Boates, attended my first RDC, won 1st place in the Roblox T-shirt contest (games category).
2016: I actually got to work in San Mateo at Roblox HQ for the summer. Made ATF6 and The Far Lands (FL) (now worked as a Roleplay).
2017: Developed Mystic Tower, helped with Apocalypse Rising 2, and developed Fusion Confusion. Got my first Roblox toy made!

2018: Made ATF7. Graduated college and began doing Roblox as my full-time job. Released Eren vs the Armored Noob on Youtube. This was the first year I was actually able to make enough money to do Roblox full time!
2019: Made FL2. Focused on developing and updating both ATF7 and FL2. Started streaming while I work.
2020: Focused on developing and fleshing out FL2 and ATF7 all year. Made a new YouTube animation. Started working on a new MOBA project. New record of stream viewers of 515!
2021: Worked mostly on running events in ATF7/LOTA2 and coding the new system intended for ATF8/LOTA3 - expected release for the former in December and the latter in 2022.
2022: Worked mostly on ATF8. Released it last December and it exited beta today with peak concurrent players at 800! Tons of work went into ATF8’s system and I’m excited to use it in LOTA3.
2023: Worked on ATF8, a little on LOTA2. We managed to hit a peak of 1600 players on ATF8 this year. Tons of cool features + map upgrades have gone into the game.

Here’s what Roblox looked like the day I joined. The top games usually didn’t break 60 players, and Are92 owned 3 games on the front page. The first time I ever stayed up playing a game until 6 AM was Planes Planes Planes!!! and you are the creator!!!

Here’s one of the first games I ever tried to make. It was a pretty bad tycoon, where you roam the lands for red spice geysers and harvest them for money with a free model axe.

For whatever reason, I needed a giant platform over lava with tons of chairs facing each other through glass. I’m not sure what 2008 me was doing

This is the giant training area I made for my “13 Clans of Roblox” group (before groups existed). There were around 25 portals and each portal led to an arena where you could swordfight. The room depicted here is the meeting room.

The first form of DESERT Air Base Delta. Also my first successful attempt at slapping my own weapons and bodykit onto an aircraft engine, 2009. The only functionality the place had was an enemy spawn and a clan spawn; the clan spawn got vehicles.

The final form of DESERT Air Base Delta (2012) until it was replaced by Blackout. We spent hundreds of hours fighting and training here over the years. By the end of its life, it was almost a fully-working game. There were flags to be captured, vehicles spawned at a few checkpoints if captured, you could buy upgrades and weapons, and there were multiple ways to win. I discovered around this time that what I really wanted was a fun game that people loved, not a clan with piecemeal “games” that we fought in.

The final form of the original DESERT HQ. We had a ton of wars, meetings, training, etc here. There were lots of skylines, each floor contained different things like a cafeteria, map of the clan territories, training course, paintball arena, technology testing room, and archives. The archives detail how our clan was the best and won every single engagement because why not? The final form of the new HQ (and resting place for DESERT) is depicted below.

I could bore all of you and go on for hours about the stuff I did throughout the years, like exactly what went down in every war and what it was like to direct a band of 8 year olds into combat, or what it was like trying to mash together a game out of free models in 2008, or even images of how much work (believe me, it’s over 1000 hours) went into building ATF maps, but you get the idea. I hope you enjoyed this nostalgia adventure, I know I did.

I never thought clicking that “Online building toy!” ad on www.onemorelevel.com 13 years ago would change my life so much, but I’m glad I clicked. I’ve had so many fun times on roblox.com, met so many wonderful and creative people, and I’m excited to move into the future and create even better, cooler things.

See you all for the 2nd version of this thread in November of 2027. I’ll also never forgive builderman for convincing me the actual Roblox HQ was a skyscraper.

I’m interested in hearing when you guys joined, what notable things you did each year since then, etc.


2010: i was addicted to “Survive a Plane Crash.” i also really loved the place ROBLOX gave you when you joined. endless hours of fun.
2011: i somehow worked my way into the clan community (RAT, FEAR, X-101st, Sleet Clan). i was quite an edgy 2.0, to be fair.
2012: still somehow a part of the clan community. except this time i was pretty well-known and i ran Black Wolf Empire’s war efforts.
2013: worked my way into the fashion community. ditched clans. i found YES! Magazine and started designing for them until the owner was terminated.
2014: designed for Kestrel on and off. i was pretty well-known at this point too (except for designing now).
2015: ditched kestrel and made my own fashion group called SASHA. i also had the amazing opportunity to create a store for Cindering’s ROBLOX High School. i was amazed that people actually bought my clothing.
2016: i hit 100,000 clothing sales. my first big achievement, and what i thought would be my last. i sold my group to focus on designing, and managed to reach 400,000 clothing sales that same year.
2017: no groups. just designing. i’ve done work for Bakers at this point, along with some uniforms for Cindering… and i’ve reached 1,000,000 clothing sales. looking back now, i am so lucky to have the experience that i’ve had. i remember idolizing Shaddic, blobmista4 (ROBLOX_Clothing), and diglet8. now people idolize me. it’s such a weird feeling.

it’s amazing to see how far we’ve come. i hope nothing but improvement and blessings for your time on here in the future!


Thanks! You’ve achieved some pretty impressive things!


Great topic, one I think we should all create at some point. Especially when one makes it to the Roblox HQ. It’s inspiring and brings back memories to see how far others have come.


2007 I joined and immediately wanted to learn how to make all of the cool things. I built a bunch of blocky pokemon models that your character could morph into and that was one of my first games.
2008 I started my building game based on the premise of “solving” griefing, where what players delete could be undone. Around this time Wirodeu and Ravenshield made the hide and seek genre popular and I made a couple of those.
2009 uberubert made the tycoon genre popular and I made some tycoons and Laser Tanks. Laser Tanks began as a concept for a game based on remote-controlled fighting tanks and evolved into a progressive level-up type of game, like a tycoon.
2010 Laser Tanks was popular. I made a basic “saving” system by serializing data and presenting it to the player to write down and input when they join again. I bought all of the things.
2011 Laser Tanks 2.0 was big. The release of data persistence prompted its creation. It is a full re-write of the previous game. I enter the trading environment.
2012 I am bad at trading and lose everything. I spend too much time in Script Builder writing over 7,000 lines of code that keeps getting stolen. The world ends.
2014 Player Points are created. I make a game that features them and ride the cash train until the fad dies.
2017 These last few years have gone by unusually quickly. I feel the need to create something big and exciting like I had done in the years before but lack the direction.


I’ll give you my roblox life story 2 years from now, when I turn 10 as well.

Happy anniversary!


I’m interested in hearing when you guys joined, what notable things you did each year since then, etc.

2008 Joined at the end of the year so didn’t get much done here, just some messin’ with free models

2009 Developed my first popular game, City Tycoon 1 (Previously known as 'ROBLOX City Tycoon), which became a hit overnight and reached the top of the front page many times :slight_smile: Currently has 15m visits to date.

2010 Developed my second popular game, Broken Bones 1, also managed to reach the top of the first page overnight despite being nonfunctional (Thank gawd the rating system didn’t exist then) died pretty soon after though, although was revived in 2012 when it was featured on one of the first BLOXcasts.

2011 - 2012 Developed the sequel to City Tycoon since my skills as a developer had developed a lot since the original’s launch. The game was later among the first games to be launched onto Xbox and peaked at 10,000 concurrent players online in around 2016. Became my most popular game to date at just shy of 30m visits.

2013 Dedicated my time to expanding City Tycoon 1 and 2, which by the end of 2013 had 16 and 8 unique tycoons respectively.

2014 Since the sequel to City tycoon did so well I decided to make a sequel to Broken Bones, which surpassed it’s place visits within months of completion. Bought my first car with with the first months earnings ('07 Peugeot 207)

2015 & 2016 Didn’t do much throughout 2015 since I now had 4 games earning me money consistently, until people eventually lost interest and my DevEx earnings suffered. I ultimately decided to create another sequel to Broken Bones after I ran out of petrol twice because I was too poor to fill up the tank ;-; rip.

The game didn’t gain as much popularity as I had anticipated but in 2017 DanTDM made a gameplay video on it and it’s popularity exploded. Which allowed me to upgrade my Peugeot which at this point was in disgraceful tatters (I bought a Toyota 86).

I also spent around a year developing a game, which really made me appreciate how far I’ve come on Roblox. The primary script on the game currently stands at 14,000 lines and I estimate it won’t be completed till around mid 2018 since I develop games alone and I’m between projects.

Additionally I have been developing another sequel to broken bones. I was really against doing this at first since it felt that I was ‘milking’ the franchise. But I couldn’t resist since I managed to make an immense improvement on the previous using a custom R15 avatar and the new constraints.

As of the end of 2017 I’ve amassed 74 million place visits across 5 games, all exceeding 4 million visits.

Hopefully many more years to come :smiley:


Oh nice, I joined in the same date but in 2010!

Back In 2010 to 2013 i had basic knowledge of English, where my main language is spanish so 7 years ago I had no idea what a ’nickname’ was so I put my brother’s name there which it worked(yup his name is raquiles) and that’s how my brother’s name ended up as my nickname :joy:. Through those 3 years I just used to play roblox games from the top page, mostly used to play that Burnout game or the space one from the egg hunt or plane crash into island games, never understood much thought, but did learn lots of English!

From 2014 to 2015 I got more into roblox and learned a lot of English from it, basically without roblox I wouldn’t speak fluently as I do today! and started to talk with more people from all around the world, started to understand the whole stuff that Roblox has and started to play events(yup I missed tons of classic events :cry:) but I still did not got into developing!

From 2016 to present it has been amazing for me, not only that I speak English perfectly but I got into developing, actually it’s been almost a year since I started to get into building, that I’m really thankful how far I went in less than a year! Also getting into Coding and Working on 2 big projects right now! And hopefully on many more! :blush:


I didn’t really do much during the early years on the site so I’m pretty much gonna skip to the past few years I actually started building/running groups/etc.
2006: Joined
major gap because I never did really anything
2010ish: Started actually building, and getting into clans
nothing major till 2013
2013: Got my first game on the front page, we don’t talk about this game it was a free model highschool dance game.
2014: Got into cafe groups, ran a couple, co-owned a few, developed for a few, destroyed a few.
2015: Slowly stopped developing and went semi-inactive for a few months.
2016: Came back and got into Police groups, 2ic in a NYPD group, dev in a few other NYPD groups, and ran my own PD. (Each group had over 5k+ members, with the NYPD groups having 15k+ each).
2017: Got into the devforums, started majorly working with In the BLOX and with Trade.

I have to say 2017 has been my best year so far, everything prior has been a learning experience, I’ve been here for a while, and wish I actually started learning about the platform more as a tool sooner than I did.

There are a few things I could’ve added in, but that’s the basic straight to the point overview of my career on the site. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sweet! You joined a really long time ago. I wasn’t around before Roblox allowed users to make games with Studio, so I have no idea what the place was like with only staff-made games. That must’ve been odd


I unfortunately do not have anything memorable to speak of for the last 10 years of my Roblox life despite it being all I play every day. I’m wasting my time playing and developing for groups when I could be

  • Learning more (RbxLua or other coding languages)
  • Contracting, taking requests, participating in projects or selling items
  • Getting into the competitive world of game development where I know enough to stand a small chance

I’ve wasted these 10 years on the platform. It’s fun and enjoyable though. Even if I did remember everything there was to my Roblox timeline, there’d be too much to go over. I’m nomadic and hopped through lots of activities in and around the platform.


@Noxare From my perspective you have not wasted those 10 years on the platform if you have been learning from it on a daily basis. You have been using your time wisely by continuing to improve your skills on the platform. Please continue on doing so and you will continue on taking more challenges as you go till you reach your main goal.

Never give up and continue reaching towards your main goal! :slight_smile:


Same (I’m useless at finishing personal projects).

2011: Joined and spent hours playing Welcome to ROBLOX Build and Sandbox (among many games) until 2013.
2013: Started learning to script. My interest was piqued in some other areas as well.
2014: Got basic understanding of Lua, was learning some other stuff too, like GFX with Paint Dot Net (is there a way to escape links?).
2016: Started to understand Lua very well; started learning other languages. Had decent GFX skills. Learning video editing and other basic things.
2017: Hundreds of unfinished projects, but a lot to look forward to. I’ve found myself a couple of good development teams and am confident in my skills. I could easily take on well-paying scripting or graphic design work here.
2018: School is ramping up, and with some new program I’m going into next year, I can continue to further myself and my skills (that have originated from Roblox) with this so called ‘Project Based Learning’ to get NCEA credits.

I could consider my days wasted, but I’ve learnt a lot. I’m prepared for the future; I can learn on my own; I can collaborate and organise.

Through it all, I have been making friends and having new experiences. It is truly great what something as … underestimated as Roblox can do.


Wow, so much nostalgia! :heart_eyes: I too have been on Roblox since 2007, I was only 6 when I joined, so you and other great developers have influenced my life and possibly made me the person who I currently am right now. I’m thankful and very proud to finally be here, among all of you who have made my childhood amazing. Thank you for these awesome 10 years of Roblox! And lets go for 10 more!


This account was made in like 2012 or 2013 but I’ve been on since like 2007 on and off forgetting passwords and usernames as I go.

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Happy anniversary!
You created really nice games :grinning:
(My fav is After the flash) :wink:


Thanks! :smiley: It means a lot when other developers have liked my games

  • 2008: Free model nukes
  • 2009: Free model nukes
  • 2010: Chaos Washers, front page, EBR, etc
  • 2011: High school
  • 2012: High school
  • 2013: High school
  • 2014: High school, made an FPS
  • 2015: Kill the FPS, mess with cars instead
  • 2016: Kill the cars, start contracting for Roblox
  • 2017: Made an egg hunt, start working for Roblox

2006: Joined and spent 8-10 hours just trying to get Roblox to run on my Windows XP Computer
2007: Joined a Star-Trek group and started creating assets and also met my best-friend @StarWars
2008: Started learning Lua, Aka taking apart free-model scripts and making them work the way that I wanted too
2009: Started pursuing my dream of working at Roblox
2010: Started learning about Reverse Engineering Roblox
2011: Started learning Lua again
2012: Created Can you survive an avalanche (Only about 500-700 visits)
2013: Got back into War Clans
2014: Learned PHP, C#, Lua
2015: Got into the dev-forums
2016: Got a job at Roblox (Remote)
2017: Was offered a full time position at the HQ
2018: Creating my last & final Roblox game.

Roblox has been a huge Influence for me in my life, It helped shape the person that I am today.

Thank you Roblox for everything!


2010-2017: absolutely nothing