16k parts or 1k meshes?

Read my above post as to why you shouldn’t count Client-saved objects as if they’re MeshParts.


Yes, there are big memory usage benefits to doing this. This aspect will remain true even on platforms with Part instancing, even if the part trees are made from a bunch of identical parts. Parts (all Instances, in fact) have a non-negligible memory footprint that is just all their properties and has nothing to do with their geometry.

If you’re going to be making hundreds or thousands of copies of something that has any complexity, it should have as few Instances as you can possibly manage. Combining geometry into MeshParts or CSG UnionOperations is usually a good idea whenever the material, texture or decal requirements don’t prevent it.


You could vertex paint the tree so that it would be all one mesh but still take over the colour.

Just export as .FBX and import it into Roblox Studio.


…yeah but I like my trees to have grass leaves and wooden trunks. Vertex painting limits you to smooth plastic or another single material.