1K+ Visits & Special Announcement - New Game Coming Soon!

Hey, it’s me, knockoutterrafinpa!
No, I’m not dead. And no, I haven’t given up on my games.
First off, I’d like to say…

Thank you!

I didn’t think I’d ever hit this kind of milestone, to be honest. One. Thousand. Visits. One thousand individual plays on my games- even one hundred sounded like a lot, when I first hit it all that time ago (almost a year and a half)!

Long story short, I’m here again, and I’m going to be posting occasional updates on my personal projects, working with my brother (@soniclover212AJ), and writing books, which may or may not get playable Roblox adaptations.

What’s the News?

Glad you asked, people of the Forum!
Earlier today, my brother and I finished up an early version of a new game. Some of my closer followers might recognize this series from The Citadel or CMS.
Does ‘The Rooftops’ ring any bells?

That’s right, after a long half year, The Rooftops is undergoing development on Roblox. Alongside this game is a book. Both of these options will tell you the story of Indigo Bolt, Lime Bolt, Cyan Cat, and all the other Rooftops members as they complete their mission of bringing down Vision Incorporated, but in two very different ways.

Let me see!

Alright, then. Here’s a little something to get you hyped up.


Rooftops 'R' Icon


The Rooftops Icon

The game’s logo- and thumbnail- have been given a major overhaul that is more in-line with The Rooftops as a whole.

Additionally, an early Beta release has been made public, just for you Dev Forum users.

Is that all?

Unfortunately, at the time, yes. @soniclover212AJ and I are going to keep working on the game, adding features, levels, and generally improving the game until further notice, AKA full release. Right now, our main focus is getting the core features implemented and fixing any remaining bugs before adding large chunks

After 24 hours, the public Beta event will switch over to a paid Early Access, and development will continue from there.

To conclude…

Thanks for all the support even while I was gone.
I hope this wasn’t underwhelming, especially for a ‘1K’ celebration. Trust me, though, more content will be coming soon, and I won’t let this ‘fade out’ like my other games did a while ago. It will be a project that is ‘current,’ if that makes sense.

Anyways, that’s basically what we’ll be doing for the foreseeable future.
See ya’ soon.

  • knockoutterrafinpa

Edit: Removed a good chunk of the ‘Thank you’ section to avoid negative attention.


wait, you made a public special announcement to literally everyone because you reached 1,000 visits on one of your games…


Nice job!!! Congrats on 1k visits!!! :smile: :+1: It’s hard to get those. I only get 500+ visits :frowning:

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Is… there a problem with making an announcement like that?

Also, it was over multiple games, not just one.

Pretty sure it is,as thats basically self-promoting,pretty sure self-promoting Is against the dev forums rules


It’s not just self promoting, and I’m pretty sure this post wouldn’t qualify under that anyways.
Most of my posts here are about updates to my games (with links) and I haven’t gotten in trouble before.

Known Bugs

  • Custom animations not playing
  • Ledge-grab range is too large

Alright, I saw this got flagged earlier. First off, cool, great way to be greeted back after a half-year hiatus.

About the Cool Creations category’: “This category serves as a showcase for anything on Roblox that you’d like feedback or discussion on. You can showcase your games, artwork, scripts, or other unique creations.”

As far as I’m aware, after rereading the Developer Forum’s guidelines, I did nothing wrong- this post follows the rules of the Forum and #help-and-feedback:cool-creations.

I have posted several topics in this same layout, usage, and intent, and I have never gotten flagged for breaking the category’s guidelines before. What make this time so different as to warrant a flag?

If it’s about the ‘self-advertisement’ deal, this isn’t strictly meant to advertise my game. Again, this is a discussion and feedback category, so I’m posting this here for people to talk with me about the game and what I can do to improve upon it.
This post is about a game, as cited above, so it doesn’t fall into anything else in #help-and-feedback.

I can’t think of anything else off the top of my head that would make this ‘off-topic.’ If I somehow missed and/or forgot something important, let me know before it’s deleted.

  • knockoutterrafinpa

Congrats on 1k visits!! Keep it up!


I don’t think this is to the appropriate category to proclaim your game visit milestones.

You’re inherently just promoting your game as which is inadmissible.


I really don’t get why this post in particular is getting flagged and crud. All of knock’s other posts are like this and they haven’t been flagged, so what’s making this one different?

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I hit this milestone about a year and a half ago and I was really happy to see that achievement! Great job!

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This isn’t a cool creation my dude, you’re basically saying “guys 1k visits yay!” This category is for showing off your creations, not trying to flex your visits.

Also, I see how you edited your post by like 1 letter to bypass it getting hidden. Not cool.

First off, it’s in here for feedback and discussion, and thus is allowed here in #help-and-feedback:cool-creations. I’m not ‘trying to flex,’ this is me giving people a new game because of the previous support. There’s actual substance here, not me saying I hit 1K visits and leaving it at that.

As for the edit on the main post, I don’t know what you’re talking about with the ‘one letter’ deal. I checked the edit history, there isn’t a change with just a single letter.
Aside from that supposed ‘edit,’ I only changed this post twice. One edit was to update an image because it didn’t look as good as I wanted it to. The other was to change the title to something better as to avoid another (unwarranted) flag, and in the process, got rid of the current flag.

Side-note, one edit is literally the same as the previous version. Don’t know what happened there or why it was counted as an edit when I did nothing.

You’re not talking about a creation that you did. You’re basically just saying “I hit 1k visits, see?”

This category isn’t for acceptance speech kind of things. It’s for showing off your creations. I suggest cutting everything out except for the new logo part. The new logo part should be in this category but everything else should not.

This post may be better suited to #bulletin-board.

It… is showing off a creation? I have a link the game right there for people to play and give feedback on, as well as the game icon (as you mentioned).
Also, if I moved this to #bulletin-board, nobody would be able to give feedback, which is the main reason I made this topic in the first place. It’d be counterintuitive, at least from my standing.

Another side-note, all of my other posts are very similar to this, and most of the posts I’ve seen in this category follow a general layout. To quote @soniclover212AJ

The majority of this post is just talking about your developing journey. It should be mainly about the creation itself, not about your life story.

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