[$20 USD /HR] [Still Open]Cloud Entertainment is hiring an Animal Modeler

About Us

Hey there! We’re Cloud Entertainment, the development team behind the popular game called Fishing Simulator! We’re a small but growing team of skilled individuals that are focused on creating high quality games for all players on Roblox to enjoy.

The Job

We’re looking for a modeler to join our team and help us continue growing one of the best simulators on Roblox so far. This job is fully remote and you are able to work from anywhere.

We are primary looking for a modeler that is proficient at creating low poly animals.

Pay: $20 or 5,700 RS per hour (must be 18 or older if you want to be payed in USD)

Hours: 30-40 hours per week


  • Communicate with other modelers/builders and developers on the team
  • Produce usable work with good typology
  • Maintain a strong work ethic


  • Highly experienced with Blender (or other compatible 3D Software) and Roblox Studio
  • Familiar with rigging characters and animation
  • Great communication and teamwork skills
  • Proficient at creating low polygon models that fit the game’s style
Examples of required style

We’re looking for someone who is…

  • Accountable, responsible, and a sharp-minded individual
  • Really passionate about game development
  • Willing to share their own creative ideas
  • Able to learn and adjust to new workflows and methods
  • Able to laugh, have fun, and enjoy the process

How To Apply
Make sure to send:

  • A resume/portfolio of your work
  • Examples of models that you created
  • Any previous games you’ve worked on before
  • Anything else that you’re proud of and think would impress us!

Please use this link to apply ClickUp Application

Thanks for reading! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello, I was looking at this and I was quite interested.
My discord is pengu#2374. Thanks in advance.

Hello, i’m interested in the project. Here is my portfolio on the devforum: (Open) 3D Modeler - #16 by Celestial_Lyxtek. For previous games. I have worked on Pinata Simulator making weapons. An upcoming game called Murder Madness and a few others. In my past few years as a developer I have worked with big creators such as Celestial_Dev and Natalie_Clabo. I look forward to discussing more with you. Discord: Celestial_Lyxtek#6235

Hello! I’m @Lil_SharkyBoy a 3D Artist mainly now. I would like to apply to work at Cloud Entertainment! Here is the link to my actual works I have done.

Altought I’m making something new today and finishing the Kitchen Render. As you can see I make renders and that, but I don’t leave that like as I’m a GFX Desginer, I do them to show what I’m capable of and not to what I stick or something like that. In other side I have been commissioned by Venti’s Cafe, Stweady’s Cafe and I’m building the V4 of BurgerQueen (almost finished, just need the kitchen!).

This is the link! I hope we get in contact soon and can work together.

A little bit outdated but if you want to take it a look sure.

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I am also interested , I have worked for many games including Verde Cafe, Bakiez Bakery and A Murder Mystery IV. I believe I can work in the style requested.

yo i’m interessed do you have discord so we can talk?

Are you guys from the same fishing simulator that’s on/was on the front page ?

yes we were on the front page.

I am interested. I have worked on many games including the smash hits Pet Show, Case Clicker 2, Texting Simulator, Pinata Simulator, and more. You can find my porfolio here [Open] Natalie_Clabo | 3D Artist, UGC Creator, Environmental Artist
and my twitter here: @Natalieis1337

Hey we’re reopening our application and are still looking!

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Hi, I am very interested in this post DM me at Lyte#0001

Absolutely Interested! Contact me: JESES90#1910

We are still looking for a modeler to fill the position!

Note you must have prior experience with low poly animals

Hey there! im interested.

i work with this 3d modeler bossman76879#3514 hes really good and he always gets the job done!

He even made this:


Hey! I’m very interested in this position. Portfolio: Kadravaa | Builder/3D Artist Portfolio [Closed]

hey i would love to make low polygram animals for you guys

hey i can do animals in low polygram

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