[20+ USD] Need a modeler who can make me body parts for a custom character

About Us

Hello, I am the owner of Glitch-E Games, and I am looking for someone who wants a short-term job (1 week max) as a modeler for a custom character body.

About The Job

I need someone who can make custom character parts, and they need to be more smooth than high-poly. I can really describe how I want them to look exactly on this post, but I want them to be more realistic and moderate-poly, not having obvious vertices and looking more smooth. I will be using these parts to rig and script a custom character, but since I am not very good at rigging and using custom characters for roblox, I may need you to go back and readjust certain things. As for the texturing, me or the GFX artist can do it, we will just need the UV unwrapped layout in the right scale and ready to be used for texturing with other art tools, and even imported back into blender.

In order for the mesh parts to be “compatible,” they will need to have little “ballpoints” where the rig joints will be put in.
This project can take as long as how fast and quick you are. And whenever the parts work with the character and the parts look good, you will be paid, so think about it this way: If you do it today, you can get the money today. If you do it in around a week, you will get it in a week: It is determined by you. However, the limit will probably be 1 week. I might give leeway after that, and then you will be paid for what you did.

Whatever you work on, I will be given it via file. I am saying this because I don’t just want you to make a mesh and send me the ID, as I can’t download roblox meshes unless I had some hacky extension (What I mean is there is no way to do it at least in a secure way). You will be required to instead send me the mesh file, along with the UV map unwrapped and some other stuff. I must be sent:

  • A .fbx
  • A UV Unwrapped file (Don’t know the format but send it, or maybe as like an image idk)
  • If you are working with blender send the .blend
  • If you are working with a different tool send me the file that tool uses


You will be paid 20+ USD; that means that it will start at 20, but we can negotiate prices, and the final negotiated price is how much you will get, but don’t push it too high, and I am sure that you will have common sense to not go above the line.

Contact Us

When you have accepted and read this entire post (it should be easy to read, I did a word count and it is only like words, you can DM me here: RetroGalacticGamer#9213. If you ask a question related to this post, and it is specifically stated on the post, I will probably not be very motivated to hire you.

20 USD for a “1 week max” amount of work is wayyyy too little.

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I am available My username is chainreactionist#1067 I sent you a request

If you don’t find anyone, i’m ready to do it, but only in low poly

portfolio : [OPEN COMMISSIONS] Low Poly 3D modeler | Red1Monster

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