[200+ USD] Club Notable

Club Notable is going to be a fun/interactive hangout game for people to interact with friends and play casino type games with their friends (obviously, in accordance with ROBLOX rules, it will be all in-game currency). If you can build a semi-realistic club, please drop a portfolio with your Discord and I will fill you in.


I’m interested, I’ll send you my portfolio through Discord since I don’t have one on here atm. bigpoppa#7546

Greetings! I specialise in building, 3D modelling, UI and graphic design. I believe that my skill set would be use to your game. I wish to show you my portfolio via discord.

This is my discord, please contact me: Blacc#9878

Hey! I’m an experienced 3D modeler looking to fill in, we can chat more on my discord Vippy#4074

These are both on going and in progress

Hello! I am a builder of all sorts and would love to take on this project! This looks super neat and I would be stoked to be able to build for ya!!


Discord: ArcaneDev#5445

My friends and I are interested, we specialize in building. We can send you our portfolio’s through Discord. Friend me, hadeel#0314


Merc#9800. I will send you my portfolio.

Hey, i’m a graphics designer, would be very, very interested in working for you.

Here’s my portfolio: [ FOR HIRE ] MagicaIIyMade | Graphics Artist Portfolio

Here’s my Discord: qt.emm !#4961

[Open] 3D Artist/Modeler Natalie_Clabo Interest Natalie#9127

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