[$200+ USD | HIRING PROFESSIONAL BUILDER] The Sovereign Unity - Game Progress Posted

We are currently working on a group game project that’s design takes inspiration from Destiny’s terrain and brutalist architecture. We’re essentially aiming for fun gameplay around AI, lore, and customization. If you’re interested in group development and scifi this would be a fun project for you.

We are well funded and able to produce a finished game, our experience spans from game development, running clans, and web development such as automated promotion services.

Project Owner - @Kadokawa

Weapon and Gameplay Scripter / UI Designer - AlphaDSamuel

Environment & Database Scripter / Terrain Designer - @TechSpectrum

Builder - AVAILABLE ($225+)

Vehicle Modeler - @Proximot

  • Must have a portfolio.
  • Must have map design experience.
  • Must be 13+ Years of Age.
  • Must have over 2 years of experience building.
  • Able to creatively think on your own and share ideas.
  • Have a Discord.
  • Flexible with availability to work.
  • Must have built industrial or city style work.
  • Must have a consistent style.
  • Level of Detail Required:

Work Of: @Azire2Blox

The game is based around going from landmark to landmark and activating an event for players to come together and complete challenges. Your vehicle consists of multiple hoverbikes to get around the plains to locations such as an Arms Factory, Border Entrance Gate, Mines, etc.

It is a PvE only experience where you fight against regular mobs and the occasional boss.


UI and Loot System: https://streamable.com/pyndp
Guns: Guntest
Sword: https://streamable.com/8gslu
Teaser: https://streamable.com/z6bld
AI Combat: Dmg Tick Demo
Something…: A Special Place - Roblox Studio 2019-10-13 11-49-26


View Terrain

Map Builder

We need a brutalist architecture style, you will be working on the border wall, creating dungeons, landmark architecture, and various buildings to fill the map. You will be asked to create an interior hub area in the wall area. The other parts of the map may have involved enterable areas. We are giving you the freedom to help design the game.

See Examples



Vehicle Modeler (Taken)

View Job Information

We need vehicles such as the Sparrow from Destiny created, we’re looking to start off with at least 3 variations of the model. They must be properly UV mapped in order to be reskinned.

See Examples

Map Builder

We are currently offering $200 and up for building the map including a royalty percentage, we can discuss if you wish to continue work after release.

Discord TechSpectrum#2620

Include your portfolio.


Hey. I’m not advanced enough at any of these to prove worthy, but I really look forward to seeing your game hit the front page. If you want someone to test features or manage a potential community, HMU on discord: Helmet#8830

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[OPEN] 2lmu - Build/Graphics/3d modelling | Portofolio Hi, im interested in the Map Builder’s role my portofolio might not have good buildings because clients don’t let me publish them yet, a quick tast could prove me worthy of this position!! :smiley:

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We are currently reviewing applicants, so there is still time to apply before we decide to close a position which will be around Friday.

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Hey! This project genuinely looks interesting, very rich in concepts and lots of room to make an impact. I’ll be looking forward to contacting you!

Modeler position filled, game has had a complete redo on our terrain material and its more clear what we need.

Some videos of the WIP:

For reference:

This is the level of detail we’re looking for.

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We’re in need of someone who can build this area to fit a “factory” theme, anyone played Titanfall 2 or Halo 3? Those are the vibes we’re going for.

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