[20k-35k ROBUX] Low poly maps needed

At OProjects Games Studio we have been creating games on Roblox for over four years, Currently known for our game Recycling Simulator. We have been hard at work on releasing a brand new title and are looking to commission a talented Builder / 3D Modeler.

About The Job
We are commissioning two cartoony, low-poly maps with a size limit of 350x350 to 400x400. We will be providing you themes and further information on how we would like our maps to be allocated.

    We will be paying :robux_light: 20,000 - :robux_light: 35,000 for the maps.
    • payment depends on quality, communication, and speed.

What We Are Looking For

  • Must have great communication skills.
  • Must have past experience to show.
  • Can work within the time constraints.
  • Knowledge of how to properly create performant maps for all devices, from rendering to physics handling.

The style of maps we’re looking for:

Contact Us
Twitter: @Roblox_Omar, @OProjectsGames

Please send your portfolio to Dev0mar as a message on here, discord and twitter are optional.


Thanks in advance to all those that apply, please be patient as I go through applications.

I am interested, please DM me in Discord RocketScript#4204

Here is my portfolio: Advanced Low-Poly and Mid-Poly Modeler for Hire! (CLOSED)

I am interested, DM me under octavodad#9302

My portfolio [Closed for now] Affordable Versatile Builder ~ Octavodad’s Portfolio

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