[20k ROBUX] Looking for Armor Designer

About Us

Hello, my name is CreepySins, you can call me Creepy for short. I’m the owner of a 115k+ member SCP Foundation on the roblox platform.

We value our community and want to ensure they have the best ingame content that we can supply to them. This being said we are working on a massive content update to meet those expectations from our very important community.

We’ve already been hard at work for a while to get a new “outdoor” section of the map created by an amazing to work with terrain designer.

Job Information

We’re seeking an individual that can create morphs, not player changing morphs but parts that are added additionally to the character such as a bullet-proof vest.


Above is an example of what we consider to be a “morph” this would require some modeling inside of blender as we are looking for much more detail inside of the designs and style of vest.

We are looking for roughly 6 unique vests and helmets to be created.

They must work with R15.

All other information about what is needed to be done can be discussed in PMs with myself. Other examples of what we are looking for can be provided there as well.


Payment can range from 1-20,000 robux. We are always willing to negotiate payment on a developer to developer basis. We value your time and your work and want you to be getting paid properly for your content.


You can contact me through devforum PMs, or you can put your discord tag if you are interested, and I will contact you as soon as I get the chance.

Thank you for taking your time to read this post, and have a good one.

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Would it be possible to be payed in USD?
I might be interested to do it for USD.

We do not pay in USD, we apologize for the inconvenience. However if you are still interested feel free to message myself on DevForum.

Is there scripter spots available for low-payments?

The post says “Looking for a Armor Designer” not “Looking for a scripter”. I would dm him that instead of posting on here.


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