[25K+ RBX] Hiring Builders

About Us

We are a gun fighting clan that uses skill and strategy to beat their opponent and we are now looking to get our own map we can defend on. We are Looking for 2 builders and a gun maker.

About The Job

We are looking for experienced builders and gun modelers that can work hard on our game and start working straight away. We want a raid able map where people can shoot and capture a point in the map.

About the building section. We are looking for 2 but if we come across a builder we think is capable of building it alone we will only hire him and pay 20k. We need a map where the hostiles/raiders have to capture 2 points in the map. First they will have to capture one point then after they have captured it for 500 seconds they will have to move onto another objective where they have to capture the second point for a longer period. As its a gun fighting map we are looking for things that can give the map more strategy to it such as vents or higher points in the map where the defending team can shoot at them from. More detail will be explained in DMs

[CLOSED]Gun Modeling Section:
We are looking for multiple different guns for each class the team can have.
What guns we need:
A basic assault weapon,
A medic gun where teammates can heal each other
A sniper rifle
A shotgun
A pistol.
All of the weapons need to look more futuristic.


We are paying 20k Robux on builders and for the gun modelers they can pick a price for us thats reasonable.

Contact Us

Must be 13 years or older
Must have experience not looking for people who are inexperienced

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:



I sent you a friend request on discord

Seems very interesting! I’ve sent you a DM on discord. SurfersSurg#0001

@MrDerpSavage is a good gun modeler!

I recommend @coneylove133 he is an excellent builder!

Could you tell me what do you have Open?
And the prices for that?

I sent friend request i made a map i think it fits for your game.

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