2D Art Commissions

Introduction ✧・゚

Hello. The name’s Jacko and I’m artist from Poland that draws digitally and has been my main hobby since I was a kid. I always take criticism so if you think I need to improve at certain parts, then you’re always welcome to explain.

What I can/won’t draw ✧・゚

I am comfortable/okay with;
  • anthropomorphic/feral characters
  • humans/humanoid/hybrid
  • simple robotic/mechanic characters
  • couple art / oc x canon
  • anything that is not stated in ‘i wont draw’ ! if you’re worried about certain things please do not hesitate to ask
I won't draw;
  • anything deemed illegal [such as p3d0philia/z00philia] or controversial/problematic
  • hate/discrimination art towards certain race/orientation/gender/etc
  • nsfw/fetishes/kinks
  • g0re [small bl00d is ok]

Examples and price ✧・゚

Discord emojis - 400 R$ per 1 (5 emojis bundle - 1.5kR$)

Busts - 1k R$

Halfbody | 3/4 - 1.5k - 2k R$ depending on complexity

Fullbody - 2k - 3k R$ depending on complexity

Scene Art- starting at 4k R$ . more expensive depending on the complexity

more information can be found here
more examples can be found in my toyhouse

Availability ✧・゚

My timezone is UTC+1
I am available pretty much during weekends [11am-10pm]
less active during weekdays [6pm-10pm]

Payment ✧・゚

  • :robux_gold: payment can be usually via group payouts or gamepasses
  • Yes I also take PayPal. 100R$ = 1$ in my case. PayPal will be sent via dms/pms

Note ✧・゚

  • additional characters are always half of the original price
  • the same applies to shading . it’s half of the original price
  • all art [except emojis] will have background, unless asked without it

Personal Note ✧・゚

  • as mentioned above, english is NOT my first language, and I ask for clearer information if I ask for one as I can misunderstand certain things.
  • art takes huge amount of time, so I kindly ask to be at least patient, if I won’t be able to finish/start, I will give full refunds if paid before I started.
  • W.I.Ps [work in progress] is always given so you can always tell me if i need to change anything before the final product. Once it’s shown, and you’re satisfied with the wip so far, you CAN NOT drop the commission, unless I say it myself.
  • You can use my finished artwork on however you please, thumbnail, icon, etc. as long as credit is given.

Contact ✧・゚

I tend to not check this website often so if you want faster answer i really recommend messaging me in any of the social medias included;
Art Fight
Discord; ask me (will be sent via pms)

Thanks for stopping by! ✧・゚


Whats your discord id? I like your art. I want to hire you.

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Sorry for being late ack ;; I’ll send it via PMs!

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I love your artwork! It’s perplexing! :smiley:


Hi, what’s your discord I would like to hire you to make me a pfp!


I don’t know if you PMed me or not but I currently don’t see it so imma just dm you on twitter. Edit: it seems I can’t do it on Twitter either

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sorry for the late respond, I’ll send it via pms

Hiya hi! Gosh, this looks wonderful! :D!
I’ve got somethin’ for ya if you could send me how to get with ya on Discord!

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Hi! What’s your Discord?

Send it to me via PM!

thanks to all people who have message just to commission me so far!! I will re-open them once I’m done with ones I have to do so far

I love the art style! :open_mouth: For whenever you reopen, could I possibly get your discord @?

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Awesome artist, commissioned for an Emoji Pack and it turned out perfect!

Good afternoon Kinboo, Id love to hire you for a commission when your ready. You can contact me Via Discord. My tag is Yeeboi#0001.

a lot of people that commissioned me [even my friends] told me that my prices were underpriced so i put them a bit higher ^^" and added few things in there too! thank you everyone who commissioned me so far and gave a positive marks on it

Hey, send me friend request in dis: Vessoms#6771

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Hello! I’d love to purchase a commission, but I noticed the title says “semi-open” so I figured I should ask before requesting - are you accepting new clients/commission requests right now?

Hey, my friend would like to purchase a commision. What’s your tag?

I’m interested in scenery art - Discord’s doge jr.#2430.

yeah you’re all good! i’ll give the tag via pms

Wonderful art! Can totally vouch for them and say that the end result is totally worth the price! I ordered 10 emojis and were completed in a reasonable amount of time! Quality is really good!