[30-40%] Hiring Programmer - MMORPG

Who are we?

We are Forging Entertainment currently consisting of 2 developers you might know us from a popular title called: “Clicker Story” (Links down below) which you might’ve heard of. We decided to go along with the Clicker Game trend and gave our own spin to it introducing new mechanics and such. It was a frontpage game for several days and accumulated 7.2M visits (as of 28-9-2020) our sub-group called “Forging Entertainment Simulators” which the Clicker Game resides in, has a member count of 25.000 and our Discord Server a member count of 2.7k, a decent community already built so we don’t have the slightest fear of this game flopping.

The Project


Let’s start with the payment, so we won’t waste your time if it isn’t to your liking.

Depending on if you’ll want to work on this project solo or with more people your payment can vary. If you’re working solo on the coding you can expect a percentage of 30-40% depending on if there are other expenses that require a percentage payment. If you work in a team that 30-40% range will be divided into the amount of team members.

What you can expect:

Because the planning isn’t completely finished yet we’ll list some mechanics you can expect to be coded for the project:

  • Inventory System (Self Explanatory)
  • Quest System (Several Quest Types: Looting, Scouting, Killing, Delivering, Escorting, Talking and more)
  • Abilities (Each class will have his specific abilities which can be upgraded as you level up, several ability types: (Stun,Buff,Debuff,AOE,Burst,Movement,Overtime and more)
  • Guild System (Players can form a guild to do activities with, they can list their guild as a: PVE,PVP or RP guild, a Guild can hold 40 players max, the Guild Leader will have a special UI where he can rank people, make an announcement or kick people etc.
  • Smart AI (Being able to work their way around obstacles, casting abilities and with Dungeon and Raid bosses having their own unique patterns and pathfinding.)
  • Trading (People will be able to exchange items and ingame currency)

This concludes the summaries of all the key mechanics that the game will contain, in later stages more in-depth mechanics expanding these key mechanics will be added.

What we expect from you:

  • Performance Coding (Making sure the coding will take up the least amount of performance since we’re aiming for a high amount of players in a single server.)
  • Readable and Organized Code (Others might work with your code later on too, keep that in mind while coding.)
  • Some basic knowledge about MMORPGs (So you’ll be able to provide insight on certain plans and help with the planning yourself as well.)
  • Solid Cooperation (Try to respect everyone’s opinion, and work together as a team don’t distance yourself and try to build a solid bond)
  • A decent amount of work time (2 hours a day being the minimum)


Clicker Story: Clicker Story (x20K Clicks) - Roblox

Sub-Group:Forging Entertainment Simulators - Roblox



Discord: Yaltyx#4159

Still looking for this Scripter? Please message me on developer forum as I do not have discord any more. Job as a Scripter

hey I’m very interested in helping to make a mmorpg
sadly I don’t think I am able to dedicate 2 hours per day
however, I am willing to work hard and get as much done as quickly as possible

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