[$3500 USD] TwoPart Games is hiring in a range of positions!

Hey there! If you’re looking for someone to do cartoony illustrations for your projects, I’d be happy to
contribute. I mainly do adverts, thumbnails, and icons. You can find my works here.
If you’re interested you can contact me on discord A box#4022 or on the devforum.

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Hello I’m interested, Please add my discord so we talk over this
Discord: frames#0001

Good day, got a few questions.
Payment is after/before/down payment/ per week/per month? :thinking:
Also; What’s proyect about? :thinking:
the $3500 USD is Distributed in all the team? Or per dev? :thinking:

Anyway, Interesed on applying for Lead Programmer!
~~ 4 Years of experience! Varjoy | Lua Programmer, Builder, User Interface Designer, GFX

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Hey Im interested in being a modeler, my portfolio is below and my discord is Alex.#1498.

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Hey! This sounds very interesting.
I mainly UI Design, but I am also getting into scripting.
The position I would best fit it the Logo & Art Designer, If you need extra help with scripting I can also do that although Logo & Art would be my Priority.

My portfolio.
These are the games I have scripted. Also UI Designed.

If you are interested please let me know. Thank you!

Edit: Just realised that I replied to another user instead of the post. Sorry.

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I am interested in the possibility of joining the low poly builder position. Here’s my portfolio, Tigger_Dev | Building Portfolio [OPEN 0/2]


I would prefer if you could first contact me via DMs here, as it helps keeps everything organised for me.

I am applying for: Programmer/Scripter
Portfolio: [OLD] [CLOSED] Portfolio Abhay108

Morning everyone! I’ll be looking at all your guys’ great work and replying to you all shortly.

Hiya! I’m interested in this! Check out my portfolio! [OPEN] [Portfolio] 3D Modeler [For hire] [Robux only] - Collaboration / Portfolios - Roblox Developer Forum Have a good day! :smiley:

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Hi! Can you please check out my reply and DM that I have sent? No rush tho :smiley:

Of course, I’ll reply in just a moment, apologies about the wait.

All good! I can be patient. Thanks for replying to me as well :smiley:

Wow, that is some high-quality production work! Would you be able to contact me via Forum DMs please?

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Hey! Add me on discord so I can send you my portfolio, and so we can discuss prices!!!
Discord: UnitornsReal#9113


Could you instead please contact me via forum DMs? It’s easier for me to keep track of everyone and makes sure I don’t forget to reply to anyone.

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Sure I’ll do that right away!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

If you decide to work for us, you will be required to sign an employment contract that will cover and ensure you receive payment when the project is complete. As for the pay itself, it is unfortunately the total budget for the project, however specific wages will be discussed and agreed upon at a later stage.

If you would like some more project information, refer to this post here, that contains a snippet of the project synopsis.

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Thanks for your interest! Could you please contact me via forum DMs?

Hi! I’m interested for the GFX artist position. https://enderknight132465.wixsite.com/orginatixsgfxfolio here’s my portfolio.

Some newer examples:

Final marked