[$3500 USD] TwoPart Games is hiring in a range of positions!

Yeah I actually have I can show but on discord.

Applied in the DevForum DMs. Thank you for reading in advance.

This post is quite vague in terms of specific payment and the actual task you are looking for. Do you have actual tasks for each developer planned yet? And if so, you should detail them so people can get a feel for the amount of work they are doing. How is this $3,500 being distributed between developers?

Sure,i’ll send you a message tmr since there is midnight so yea.

Hey there, I’m not sure if you have hired an art designer but I’d like to be a co-art designer (I know there isn’t this position, I’ve said co as I can’t do a lot of the art but I can do icons for UI elements). If you would like to hire me, my portfolio is below (DevForum contact only):

I am applying for the Logo & Art Designer position.

Here is my portfolio: CODA | Experienced GFX Designer [Medieval/Fantasy/Sci-Fi] | OPEN

I dmed you.


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I’m interested in the positions of a UI, Logo, and Graphic Artist if needed.
I currently am remaking my portfolio, so it is easier for me to contact you via discord.

My discord: zander;;#2567

Added update in regards to hiring of all artists, GFX designers, etc.

I apologise to all who showed interest, if you would like to be considered for the position in the future, feel free to send me a message and let me know!

Hey! I think I left you a DevForum DM, have you seen it? It contained my application.

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I’m currently making sure I’ve replied to all messages I’ve been sent, so if I missed yours, expect a reply soon!

Thank you for this fast response. As for the problem, I think you are lucky to have this many applicants. You can choose who fits best. :wink:

Hey there, sorry for not seeing your question. Specific tasks are planned, yes. We are using Asana to schedule tasks and break down the development pipeline into manageable sections, so it’s easier for developers to tackle the project and communicate with each other, and how much work they need to do. As for payment distribution, this is discussed and agreed upon when the finalised employment contract is written up and completed.

Hello, I am interested in the Low Poly Builder Position.

My portfolio: Mightism | Builder for Hire [Roblox Studio, Blender]
You can contact me on discord: Bernard#6230

Have a wonderful rest of your day!

First off, I really appreciate you doing such a nice game concept.

Anyway, I’ll be willing to fill in the position of Secondary Programmer/Scripter.

Here is my portfolio: Bestinhop23’s Roblox Developer Portfolio

Looking forward to working with you!


Wanted to ask, but are you already specifying if a person was hired or not in the DM? Or will you do that after getting a certain number of applicants for a certain position?
If the second option is the one you’re using, when should applicants expect the results?

I’m currently talking to as many people as possible, as to not limit myself in terms of possible recruits. Once I believe they are the best possible person suited for the position, and they agree to the position, that’s when the hiring process starts.

Hello there! Would you please contact me through forum DMs, so we can talk further?

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If you are looking for a web/backend developer, feel free to shoot me a DM! I have experience with React, NodeJS, ExpressJS, etc.


Hello! I’m interested in the low poly builder position :slight_smile:

Here is my portfolio:

Discord: Pixel#5777