3D Clothing System - Similar to Royale High

We are currently working on a game similar to royale high where players are able to equip tops, skirts, sleeves, hair etc. Im talking about 3D modelled clothes not 2d. Not mesh deformation.

How does that system work exactly? We currently have the clothes set up as accessories with the correlated attachments, a handle with weld and all that jazz. There isn’t much information about this stuff so would love if anyone could explain how it works.

I’m not a programmar but we have someone working with us on this and just need some help.

The startercharacter is a custom character, fully rigged r15, with attachements.

We aren’t asking for a script, just some advice so we know where to head with this. We’re not so experienced with this. any help is appreciated!

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@Maximum_ADHD Long shot but if you have some time to help out!

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so when a player clicks an image in a gui inventory to equip a piece of clothes or something you are going to want to clone the item of clothing from wherever you are storing it in the explorer and then weld it to the player (turn collisions off on the clothing) the method i use for this type of welding is:
(using a dummy)

  • use command line to centre a small cube (this will be the weld proxy) in the body part you want to attach clothes to
  • orient the clothes around the dummy however you want to
  • parent the cube (weld proxy) to the item of clothing
  • when you want to attach it position the cube (weld proxy) to the body part again and then weld the weld proxy to the body part

(note you may also want to name the weld proxy after the body part its attaching to this will allow you to go like:

local PartWeAreWeldingTo = Character[WeldProxy.Name]



Rigid Constraints are pretty useful for this. It requires two attachments, Attachment0 parented to the 3D model and Attachment1 parented to the player.