3D Modeling help [ Blender ]

Making a medkit on blender off of a reference. I am unsure on how to make a curving part for a strap similar to this image:

Currently what I have made:

Just looking for any methods that you may know to make something like that. I am very new to blender with only like a day or two worth of hours on the modeling software. Anything helps.

  1. you could make the handle using 2 circles and connecting them with a cube then making it hollow.
  2. You could find a free handle online and modify it to your liking. Something like this might due -

For Blender-specific questions like this, you should look in Blender related sites, forums, or wikis instead of the Roblox development forums. You’ll find better and more complete answers there.

As for how to make a handle strap like you want, there are many ways. Look up how to apply geometry to Curve objects if you want to get really fancy, otherwise a simple Bevel on a cube can work too.

You can find more info on what I’m talking about on Blender wikis and sites :slight_smile:


Hello Developer,

Thanks for reaching out to the Roblox DevForums to receive help with something you are currently working on.

I would recommend you to look up references images for a handle similar to that one, and try replicating that instead, because that is one of many ways that you can use to get around this specific problem.

But unfortunately, I have to agree with @Aotrou’s post as well, because not everyone on DevForums knows how to use Blender, and it would be better to ask a forum/site with professionals that know a ton about stuff related to Blender.

Thank you for reading and goodluck!



I can look at as many references as I want and it still won’t teach me how to make it, this question is on the basis of fundamental knowledge required to do something, not just how to make something look good. Although I agree with what Aotrou said as well and will definitely take my question somewhere else.

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You should try a bezier curve for something like this. In edit mode, you will be able to manipulate a set of control points rather than vertices to get a smooth curve. Here’s what a curve resembling that handle’s shape look like in edit mode:

Now here’s where using a bezier curve comes in handy—you can find a set of sliders in the object data panel that let you build geometry around the curve.

Here’s how it looks after turning up the Depth property under the Geometry>Bevel tab:

Now there’s a uniform tube that conforms to the shape of the curve, but it’s not the flat handle shape you’re looking for. Now turn up the Extrude property under the Geometry tab:

It’s flat now, but not in the right direction. We need to rotate the control points, which can be done by changing their tilt. to do this, you have to select all the control points in edit mode(A), and either change the ‘Mean Tilt’ property in the transform menu(press N to bring this up) by 90° or use the shortcut ctrl+t and then type 90.

Looks good! It will probably be too high resolution for Roblox, so you may want to adjust this with the ‘Resolution preview U’ and ‘Resolution’ properties to set the number of edge loops and loop resolution respectively.

I set the resolution preview u property to 3 and the resolution property to 0, which reduced the triangle count from well over 3k to about 250 tris. I also added a mirror modifier to mirror the handle geometry to the other side. Here’s the blend file:
Handle.blend (555.3 KB)

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the extrude property creates a sharp edge on the ends of the extruded region that won’t go away with smooth shading. This can be solved by adding a weld modifier to the modifier stack.


This works, although I just used a circle and it looks just as good. Thank you the time you took writing a solution though, it’ll definitely be useful for other things in the future.

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