3DSkybox - A way to create more immersive skyboxes for your game


Thank you for sharing! Easy to follow, and love the outcome it creates. Keep up the good work :+1:


Really cool application of ViewportFrames!


Amazing job here! I do not need it, but it is a very cool tutorial for those interesting in using ViewportFrames in this way.


This is awesome. I’ll be creating something like this for my teams upcoming project, we’ll probably implement a dynamic skybox where the stars are based on position in the galaxy.


this is awesome. I’ll be creating something like this for my teams upcoming project, we’ll probably implement a dynamic skybox



This is a fantastic idea, one I will likely use in several of my builds in the future, thank you!!

However, I’m seeing an issue with lighting on the 3D skybox model, so it looks pretty funky and discolored.
Would there be any way to fix this? or is it an inevitable result?


It’s pretty much just a single ViewportFrame, so it has all the limitations that come with them (So lighting isn’t supported), I’ve also noticed strange behaviour when using fog, so it’s probably not recommended to use that with this either.


Right, thanks for the reply, and this amazing tool you’ve made here.


I’ve just began using this, and I’m quite pleased! There is one small thing that I’m not sure you’re aware of: the script doesn’t keep the skybox camera’s FieldOfView equal to the CurrentCamera's. Video example:

With the following one-line addition in the update loop we get this:

SkyboxCamera.FieldOfView = Camera.FieldOfView


Whoops, must have slipped past when creating it.

I’ve now updated the model with that addition, Cheers!


Amazing stuff! I will use this soon


Very impressive, hope to use this in the future.


I know I’m doing something wrong, I cant seem to figure out how to get it working with my custom mesh landscape, or even with the stock city one… I put my mesh part as a child of Viewpoint Frame in the model, and I throw it into the Starter GUI, but it seems too high as I’m “under” the mesh, so I drop the Y value for the camera, but it just disappears… If you want more of an explanation or me to show what I’m talking about, msg me and we can exchange discord tags.


It’s sad that viewport frames dont respect world lighting


Still really good for doing things like continuing landscapes outside of the play area.


Amazing. Can’t wait to use it in my ski resort.


This is a gorgeous creation you have there. I’ve been interested in ViewportFrames and this, nice work. :wink:


Jesus, that looks awesome!


This looks seriously awesome!! Really creative way of using the ViewportFrame, can’t wait to experiment with it :smiley: Skyboxes seem to be the one thing the interwebs can’t (or won’t) tell me how to make, so this could be really useful :+1:


By far the most creative and ingenious use of a viewport frame if not any roblox object!