[$4000/mo] Robloxian Highschool - Scripter

RedManta is looking for a programmer who wants to join our studio and make games with us! This position is remote, or in-office if you’re in the California Bay Area.

The Job

We’re looking for a programmer to join us on Robloxian Highschool and help us continue building the ultimate highschool roleplay game.

Pay: $48,000 USD/yr (paid monthly $4000)
Hours: 40 hours a week, you pick your hours! (other than meetings)

Job Responsibilities:

  • Implement gameplay code and build UI based on the provided specifications
  • Attend daily meetings and report on progress (over a voice call)
  • Fix bugs and improve our existing experience

Job Requirements:

  • Experienced with Roblox Studio and Lua
  • Familiar with the Roblox UI system (constraints, device scaling)
  • Able to communicate effectively when working with a team

What we’re looking for in someone:

  • Passionate about Roleplay games
  • Willing to learn new methods & workflows
  • Has their own creative ideas to share
  • Wants to contribute to and be part of a tightly-knit team!

About Us

  • RedManta LLC is the studio behind major Roblox titles such as Robloxian Highschool, World // Zero, Store Wars and more
  • We have a team of 6+ members working in-office or remote across the world
  • Roleplay? RPG? Action? Our games cover many genres which helps keep our team diverse. Everyone at RedManta is a gamer - but we’re all different kinds!

How To Apply (18+)

Email contact@redmanta.games with the following information:

  • A resume or portfolio documenting your previous experience
  • Links to any previous Roblox games you’ve worked on
  • Examples of code you’ve written, either links to models or provide samples
  • Anything you’re proud of that you think we would be impressed by!

Ive got a couple questions regarding these (Some people would ask this later so I might aswell),

Say if whoever got hired went to work in the office, Would they get any Benefits such as Dental care, etc (Similar to Adopt me etc).

How long would the contract last for?

Would they sign away the rights to their Intellectual Property?

Would you be able to help them find Housing (If they wanted to move closer to the office)?
instead of remote location

What would they learn in return for such as working for you? (Except payment), (EG: Help when needed etc)

Would the people you hire be worked to the limits?

Other than that This seems like a good opportunity, I hope someone fills this space!

Also would there be any more opportunity like this such as Offsite Developers for Bots or Builders?

Sorry if that sounded a bit rude, it was just a couple questions that came to mind.



Is this required? And is it strictly just Lua or do you expect lua and other abilities at high level?

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You need atleast a Intermediate knowledge about UI, most likely for editing existing assets.
Lua seems to be the only requirement, according to the Responsibilities, you’ll keep working on existing contents and keep adding more features so that the game stay interesting.

And perhaps being at ease at editing, as the second major objective is to fix bugs.

I believe being 18+ is required, to avoid any issues, this position is probably considered as a actual job,
therefore make you sign up a contract, which would prevent any negative actions that can potentially harm the game or Redmanta.

EDIT : I have 2 question about the programmer position :


If I have mainly done contract scripting and other work as such over the years and my last real game is from 2015, made with friends and is pretty bad looking back at it, would you guys just like to see the scripts that I have done for current projects here and there, and the content from the scripting jobs?

Seems like an amazing opportunity!

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