5 Low-Poly Style Houses

What do you think of these low poly builds?? These are my first ever low poly builds, so they aren’t all too great but I would love to hear your feedback

You may then include any further details.


They look really nice, but you can’t ask for pricing anymore on the forum. I highly recommend you remove the part where you ask how much they would sell for. :house:


these look amazing for your first, good job.

pricing and selling is against the rules in case you were planning to sell it here, but I think you did a great job

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Selling stuff is not against the rules, that’s why portfolios exist?

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you can’t sell premade assets, it’s against the rules

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Look at the link I provided above. Read Global Rule 7.1 in particular. You’re selling pre-made assets instead of hiring people to make assets.

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In that regard it’s true. 30303030303030

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They look nice, there’s a few things I noticed as for the roof I feel like it could feature another different colors or tiles so they don’t have the same repetitive roof over and over again.

The house itself has a nice structure and proper details which are decent, placing a different style for the roof could make a few of the houses stand out more medieval houses sometimes don’t feature all flat roofs with no details on it. Consider changing the chimney color to something stone like red isn’t a good color to be placed as it makes it look unrealistic.

Changing a few things could make it look different from the other houses. Always place different things on the house lights, tools ect. Have a few of the roofs curve at different angles and shapes.

At the start there good at a first attempt.

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