500 Surface Appearance Textures Pack!

I am releasing this Surface Appearance Textures Pack which contains 500 individual textures all unique in their own way. This will save time and hassle for everyone and the best part is that it’s completely for free!

I took these textures from a few websites, a few free models and using ROBLOX’s new AI generative materials. I have to give a huge shout to alvarito32 who already had quite alot of textures I added on to my pack.

This pack has been in the making since the beta version of SurfaceAppearance. So I’ve been doing it quite slowly, but It’s finally done!

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Uncopylocked Game

If you want to convert these into Materials check out this sweet plugin made by VSCPlays

I may expand this pack soon so if you would like to donate some textures please message me!


good textures, but at least can you use MaterialService for the materials? like Surface Appearances is not repeative

There may be a plugin to convert them to a material, if not it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle to convert it manually.

ok I will work on the plugin tomorrow, I will go sleep now, and I will send you the link when it’s done :slight_smile:

If you paste this into the command bar, select the folder under workspace and run the code, this will convert them all into a MaterialVarient in a model under MaterialService

The only downside is that the surface appearances arent named so youd have to manually name all the material varients


local Model = game.Selection:Get()[1]
local MVParent = Instance.new("Model", game.MaterialService)

for _, SA in pairs(Model:GetDescendants()) do
	if SA:IsA("SurfaceAppearance") then
		local MV = Instance.new("MaterialVariant", MVParent)
		MV.Name = SA.Name
		MV.ColorMap = SA.ColorMap
		MV.MetalnessMap = SA.MetalnessMap
		MV.NormalMap = SA.NormalMap
		MV.RoughnessMap = SA.RoughnessMap

@ROWNIE I finished making a plugin, try it out here!

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sweet! I’ll link it in the post

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This just saved me a lot of trouble, thank you :+1:

Btw, the ThumbnailCamera for the library pack is not positioned right.